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The Project includes the steps of systematic recording of current research activity of AUA researchers aimed at enhancement of latent research in all scientific fields treated in AUA in the form of integrated research products and/or processes and production methods and the rigorous assessment of the possibility of commercial exploitation of the aforementioned research output.

Later, targeted counseling/mentoring and technical support will be given in mature ideas by writing a business plan with a goal to either license the research outcomes or create a spin-off.

The creation of a network for financing business ventures is a separate action with ambitions to include stakeholders from the Greek and international arena.

The actions in detail are shown below:


1. Recording of research results in AUA and Evaluation of business ideas

Particularly important is the first activity of the project that includes the recording of the research results of AUA researchers. To achieve this, the scientific project team will get in touch with faculty members and their research teams and will conduct personal interviews/meetings with them.

After the interview, a database will be created, including research publications, patents and funded competitive research programs by the faculty members of AUA and their research groups. The ultimate goal after creating the database is the update by the same faculty members using personal passwords during the project and after it.

Furthermore, research results that were disclosed by the AUA members as potential commercial assets will be examined and assessed for their technological maturity, and their commercialization. This stage is crucial even beyond the scope of the Project, since early detection prospects of research results and follow-up business ideas is of importance in terms of defining and implementing strategic research of a public institution.

2. Targeted Counseling in mature business ideas and creation of an international network of financing new businesses

For the business ideas from the previous action, the Project will provide targeted counseling documentation to its researchers so that they will achieve their maximum commericalization potential of their ideas.

The comprehensive counseling is consisted of:

  • Business planning,
  • Market research
  • Promotional techniques,
  • Intellectual property issues,
  • Tax issues,
  • Support to fund exploration,
  • Negotiation with potential investors.

In parallel, the project team will work on assembling a permanent, international network consisting of companies, private investors, banks, foundations and other institutions, to maintain contact with prospective researchers-entrepreneurs, for continuous evaluation of the research efforts of AUA members and potential financing.

After selecting the network members, a memorandum between AUA and the member will be signed confirming the formal participation in the Network.

Result of the aforementioned actions will be to increase the networking of entrepreneurs, in particular young people, and SMEs in the field of agri-industry at national and international level with a view to creating business partnerships and clusters. Through the Network, the Project will ensure a continuous contact with the business world with emphasis on increasing two-way flow of information relating to research and development.

3. Education and connect with industry

An important pillar of the Project is education. The goals of this action are:

  • Providing the necessary (general and specialized) knowledge to achieve the business initiatives
  • Familiarity with the business culture and modern decision-making tools and
  • Substantial contact with the world of agri-industrial business sector.

Intensive seminars and similar activities on innovation and entrepreneurship will be organized, such as conferences, forums, for the training of members of the academic community. The seminars will be held in small groups (max 20 people) throughout the duration of the project in defined timeframes (2 months) with parallel additions depending on the needs of the participants.

In addition to the seminars, the Project will organize visits to agri-food businesses to investigate the business culture and how research results are exploited to inform participants of case studies/business plans.

4. Information and dissemination of results

The Project provides the continuous updating of both the academic community of the AUA and the financing network, agri-food firms of industry and all interested parties.

For this purpose the Project will:

  • create a website and portal for AUA members and interested parties
  • issue periodic newsletters
  • organize workshops
  • participate in conferences and competitions

In particular, an inaugural workshop will be held, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, where the vision and philosophy of the Project, the opportunities it offers and its timetable will be outlined, in order to enable the maximum potential of the university community. In addition, another workshop will be organized during the autumn of 2014 aiming at presenting the findings of the Project and inviting experts in entrepreneurship from Greece and abroad to transfer their knowledge. Finally, at the end of the Project it will hold a workshop aimed at presenting the total results.


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