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The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), under the Project “Athina” is implementing the Project "Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Exploitation of Research at the Agricultural University of Athens". The project is co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and the Greek State. The project aims to exploit the results of the research activity of AUA members in order to maximize the benefits of the University itself, the Municipality, the local region and, more generally, the Greek society and economy.

The project includes the steps of systematic recording of current research activity, enhancement of latent research in all scientific fields treated in AUA in the form of integrated research products and/or processes and production methods, and the rigorous assessment of the possibility of commercial exploitation of the aforementioned research output.

The project will offer targeted mentoring/coaching and technical support in mature ideas by preparing business plans with a goal to either license the research outcomes or create a spin-off. Furthermore, the project will create a network of financial institutions from the Greek and the international arena for the financing of business ventures.


  • Recording of research results in AUA and Evaluation of business ideas
  • Targeted Counseling in mature business ideas and creation of an international network of financing new businesses
  • Education and connect with industry
  • Information and dissemination of results
  • A main objective of the Project is to create a permanent, international network consisting of companies, private investors, banks, foundations and other institutions.
  • Conclusion of agreements
  • Through the Network, the Project will ensure a continuous contact with the business world

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Dimitris Asimakis