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The main pillar of the Project is to support the members of the AUA community to exploit their research results. Below are the basic steps to support the faculty members and their teams:

Step 1: All faculty members have been asked to record using a specific form their research idea. In many cases the researcher (and his team) will be asked to also outline a short presentation of his idea.

Step 2: The Project provides free of charge technical validation and initial market opportunity assessment of the research idea. The findings are made available to the researcher and his team.

Step 3: Provide the researcher and his team of the most mature research ideas with targeted advisory services to manifest a research idea into an integrated research products and/or production method that would be readily commercialized. As desired outlets of this activity is the commercialization of research through the creation of innovative new businesses (spin-offs) or licensing agreements.

Step 4: Training is provided to research teams with the organization of intensive seminars and visits to companies in the agribusiness sector.

Step 5: Under the Project, which will be reflected in Step 3 for commercialization, research teams will have access to an international network of potential investment financiers.


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