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Copais- A novel low-cost and accurate system, for Grass Reference Evapotranspiration measurements

High Biodiversity Farming Certification System

Alternative poultry production- the capon

Genetic profile identification of Greek ovine products’ origin using the “from stable to table” approach with the use of contemporary molecular methods

Laboratory for experimental, behavioral and neuroscientific consumer research

High throughput food testing

Nanotechnology and Molecular Biology-Based diagnostics

>LUCROP™ - Miracle Plant Growth Regulator

FAST – Food-intake Assistance Serotonin Test

Novel Technologies in Biopesticide Mass Production

Web Based Optical Mark Recognition System

Up-grading by-products rich in fibers using jet milling technique to produce enhanced bakery products

Process Analytical Technology for ‘near real time’ Holistic process control in Food products, using advance data management and information technology tools (FoodPATH)

The journey of “Oregano” from tradition to innovation

Probiotic table olives

Device for Digestion and Vacuum Filtration in Gravimetric analyses

Native herbaceous plant mixtures for low water need and maintenance cover

Botanical and geographical discrimination and adulteration of plant products using Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared, Raman Spectroscopies and Chemometrics

ublic participation- a sustainable approach to landscape design & development

Dietary supplementation with natural antioxidants (essential oils, flavonoids etc) effect on the quality and the antioxidant capacity of the derived animal products (meat, egg and milk)

Fresh gilthead sea bream fillets flavored with traditional ouzo and tsipouro using whey edible films

Agricultural University of Athens Lab. of Food Quality Control & Hygiene

Certification of Trichinella free swine farms in Greece

ACA-DC Collection- A Treasure Chest of the Indigenous Microbiota of Greek Traditional Foods

A Simple Post-Harvest Way to Increase the Antioxidants in Walnut Kernels

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for low-temperature heat conversion into power

Production of functional foods

Energy Aware Intelligent Buildings

Holistic utilization of pomegranate- Wine (Ria), Oil, Compost

Design and implementation of high-tech innovative green projects in urban and suburban areas

Production of functional foods- effect of antioxidant’s dietary supplementation on the quality of the produced meat

Zoodiagnostics - Farm and companion animals’ diagnostics laboratory

A decision-support system for nutrient solution computation and adjustment in commercial hydroponics

Preserved foliage of some Greek native plants



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